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    Top 9 Coffee Shops in SF for Entrepreneurs

    Top 9 Coffee Shops in SF for Entrepreneurs 1. Sightglass Coffee Laptop table space: 4 out of 5 Wifi: 4 out of 5 Table to wall outlets ratio: 3 of 5 Caffeine level: 5 of 5 Cheapness: 5 of 5 Meeting Environment: 5 of 5 Location: 3 of 5 270 7th Street San Francisco, CA […] More

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    The Thinker-Doer Theory

    The Thinker-Doer Theory If two people are sitting across from you, and these are their characteristics; Person A Always thinks before they act. Loves to brainstorm with groups of others. Always has a crazy idea. Plans for worst-case scenarios Well organized Risk adverse —- Person B Consistently makes mistakes Finishes tasks quickly Loves taking risks […] More

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    The Viral Jealousy of Silicon Valley

    The Viral Jealousy of Silicon Valley. 99% of the Internet reads content and 1% creates it. Given this uneven balance, bloggers and companies alike climb hand over foot to trigger “virality” and reach into the 99% (readers) as far as possible. Virality or “going viral” is simple to understand, and hard to execute. I’m basing […] More

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    How To Build An Audience Using Medium

    Building an audience using Medium is following the concept of Content is king.  When you’re marketing anything from a startup to a worm farm you have to respect the reader. (Dumb and Dumber reference) Write cool stuff, and people will share it. Don’t sound “pitchy” or “salesy” and you will to develop a strong following […] More

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    The Top Two Marketplace Lending Companies

    The Top Two Marketplace Lending Companies as of late 2014. Until more P2P lending platforms launch, most investors and borrowers are running to the top two P2P players. Here are some quick metrics on the top two industry giants: 1. Lending Club: San Francisco, CA (USA) With over $3 billion in loans to borrowers Lending […] More

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    The Mom Test

    The Mom Test When you’re working on your startup’s landing page copy, you have to remember one thing… You’re an alien. You speak a different language. Or at least, that’s what we like to think when we’re testing at LendLayer. Who’s Your Customer? The average person doesn’t understand your product. The average potential user understands […] More

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    Buy Crypto Currency, Don’t Understand It

    Buy Crypto Currency, Don’t Understand It. Simple. I found out about bitcoin in February of 2013 and fell in love with the concept. Unfortunately, I was to late to get into mining and decided to not buy any coins at $79. (No ‘Ragets’ right?) I studied bitcoin throughout the year during it’s ups and downs […] More

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    Common Twitter Misconceptions

    Common Twitter Misconceptions Many people don’t understand the microblogging platforms true power. Most don’t know how to use it properly. The 140 character constraint and the “obscure hashtags” freak out a lot of companies and professionals alike. Whenever I meet with people, especially those new to technology, I keep hearing the same things — excuses. […] More

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    The Marketplace Lending Puzzle

    The Marketplace lending puzzle is a not as complex as some make it out to be. Quick Scenario: You’re about to go through a 12-week software programming school that costs $10,000. For whatever reason, you don’t have the full tuition payment up front for your classes. You want to get tuition paid and start doing […] More

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    How To Build A Following On Instagram and Vine

    How to build a following on Instagram and Vine. Data supporting this experiment: Over the course of 5 days: 10 posted Vine videos, obtaining 32 followers. 10 posted Instagram videos, obtaining 69 followers. Brands are just now starting to gain serious traction on Vine and instagram. Fortune 500 companies are publishing 6 second clips every […] More

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    Altcoins, The Future of Currency

    Altcoins, The Future of Currency I am merely a follower of crypto currencies. I am not an expert. I was an Economics major in college and became fascinated by digital currencies because it’s disruptive power, and their heavy reliance on demand and supply, similar to other physical currencies. In non-technical terms, a crypto currency is […] More

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    The Scrappy Entrepreneur

    The Scrappy Entrepreneur Funded vs. Scrappy Entrepreneurs in San Francisco and Silicon Valley are divided into two basic categories: (1) funded or (2) scrappy. Interestingly, both funded and scrappy entrepreneurs both compliment each other in the startup ecosystem. A funded entrepreneur is someone who has received enough angel or VC investment to get their startup […] More

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