Teen Mom 2: Is Kailyn Lowry Dating Anyone Right Now?

Kailyn Lowry has had her fair share of relationship issues over the past few years that have been publicized on Teen Mom 2: The question right now is whether or not Kailyn has a new someone special in her life.

Far from the contrary, Teen Mom fans! Kailyn is single and “LOVING IT!”.  On Thursday’s podcast, “Coffee Convos with Lindsey Chrisley and Kailyn Lowry” Kailyn opened up about where she stands with her exes and if what her romantic life looks like currently.

Regarding her exes, it sounds like Kailyn has different relationships with each of them. Kailyn told her listeners on the podcast, “Jo and I get along so well that I forget he freaking lives by me. Javi, I fight with regularly, and then Chris and I don’t speak at all. So it’s, like, working for me right now!” As a reminder, Kailyn has three sons with the three men she referenced. She has Isaac, age 7 with Jo, Lincoln, age 4, with Javi, and Lux, five months with Chris.

Kailyn is pretty happy with her current lifestyle. When it comes to boyfriends, she said, “I’m good with it because I have the whole bed to myself. And my days are so busy right now that I don’t focus on any of that.” She also said “I’ve already created such a mess with trying to do relationships that right now, I can’t pour myself into anybody else. I pour myself into three kids daily.” Kailyn has clearly learned from her previous relationships and is taking this time to not only focus on her children but on her career as well.

She discussed her career aspirations on the podcast too! Her goal is by the time she is 30 to make a million dollars (Kailyn is currently 25 so she has 5 years to make this happen). She said ” my goal is financial security, but also in those five years to make that money, I want to write more books, I want to produce a TV show. It’s, like, goals within it, but then also money.”

Go Kailyn! We are rooting for you and your goals!

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