5 of the Weirdest Beauty Products Ever Invented

We love a good beauty tool, but some of them are incredibly strange!

They say pain is beauty, but weird beauty tools don’t always factor into the mix. For centuries, women (and men) have used bizarre tools or concoctions to try and make themselves look more appealing, and sometimes it ended in a healthy dose of, “What the heck is that?”

Below are some of our picks for the weirdest beauty products on the market that are either currently for sale or were for sale in recent years.

1. Whatever this is, which supposedly makes your face slimmer


If you want a slimmer face, diet and exercise is typically the way to go. However, some people will try anything to avoid it, and using this weird contraption seems to be one way to do so. The plastic thing (what else can it be called?) promises that you’ll suddenly have a thinner face if you use it often, but it also doesn’t mention the potential TMJ problems you might have to shell out for to fix later.

2. Face Iron

If you want a smoother, younger face, don’t turn to surgery. Instead, iron your face. Seriously. Someone invented an iron that you can push over your wrinkles to supposedly make your face as wrinkle free as your clothes after you’ve ironed them. Okay.

3. Boob Deodorant

Yes, boob sweat is definitely a thing, but boob deodorant seems to go above and beyond. But hey, if you’re super self-conscious about your boob sweat during a workout or on an especially hot day, this weird product has you covered.

4. A Fart Diaper 

We all have situations in which letting out a big fart is a risk, but who knew we needed something to entrap the smell? Enter Flat-D, a reusable fart deodorizer, to help neutralise the smell. Reusable? Ick.

5. Snail Cream

No doubt everyone wants to look a little younger and to help get rid of some of those fine lines and wrinkles, but this beauty product makes us gag. It is made from 92% snail mucus extract and can be slathered on to help combat acne, acne scars and aging lines. Gross.

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