5 Awesome ’90s Trends That Are Coming Back

The 1990s have slowly been making a revival, and these are the top trends

You may have noticed that 2017 was the year of the 1990s returning to haunt us via fashion. While some of these trends are absolutely terrible and really have no business coming out of retirement, there are others that totally deserve a round of applause for their resurrection.

1. Berry Lips

Matte berry lips were a big thing in the 1990s, and have made their way back to the forefront of fashion. We love a good, solid berry lip and it really pulls together any outfit.

2. Chokers

Opinions on this are typically mixed, but a classy choker can really pull together any outfit. If you’re trying to give off a sophisticated grown up vibe, though, steer clear of the plastic and stretchy sort. Instead, go for a nice velvet or metal one to pull it all together.

3. Leather Jackets

Leather and leather-like jackets never really left us from the 1990s, per se, but they’ve definitely returned in a big way. Pair a slogan tee with a shrunken leather jacket is a great way to keep warm when it is a bit cooler in the spring, and gives an update to tired outfits. If you’re against cruelty to animals, leather-like jackets work just as well and are generally cheaper.

4. Floral Skater Dresses

In the 1990s, a daisy or general floral pattern dress totally iconic, especially paired with some edgy Doc Marten boots. Today, the trend still stands, and is a perfect and flirty way to welcome in the coming spring.

5. Flannel

If you were into grunge metal in the 90s, chances are you sported a flannel shirt just like some of your rock legend heroes. The flannel trend has made a bit of a comeback, and can be worn as a shirt in itself or oversized over another shirt. You can update the look by pairing it with some modern sneakers or a beanie.

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