5 Fashion Trends to Leave in 2017

These are the things we can definitely do without in the new year

New year, new you, right?

Welcoming in the new year is a great time to start again and set achievable (or difficult) goals for yourself. But it may also be the perfect time to set up some new fashion goals for yourself. And these are the five trends we want to stay in 2017.

1. Gucci Sweatshirts

We get it. Tons of celebrities are wearing them and you want people to know you can afford a Gucci sweatshirt while still remaining casual cool. To be honest, it looks totally tacky to pay to wear a logo on your sweatshirt. Ditch that and bring a new sweatshirt out to play.

2. The RompHim 

We don’t know how many people actually bought into this, but some frat bros made this item we definitely didn’t need a reality with a $60,000 kickstarter. For a cool $110, you can be the proud (or regretful?) owner of one of your very own. But, really, don’t. Turn it into a rag to clean your house or something. Don’t embarrass charities by giving one away and having them have to explain to a needy person why they are giving them a RompHim.

3. Destroyed Denim

Even if our parents don’t totally get it, destroyed denim has been a fad for the last 30 years or so.  There’s nothing wrong with them, per se, but 2017 had to get all creative with them by cutting holes in jeans and putting in clear plastic knee windows. I mean, really?

4. Scrunchies

Dear Lord, why can’t these just go back to the ’90s and rest in peace? For some reason, the fashion overlords decided that this would be the item to bring back in 2017. It looked silly then, and it looks just as dumb now. Wear literally anything else to pull up your hair, even a new coat hanger would look better.

5. Flatforms 

Flatforms were all the rage in the 1990s and early 2000s, when you could slide them on and add a couple of inches of foam to your height. Okay, they are super comfy, especially when they’re new, but they also look hideous on anyone over the age of 15. Just stop.




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