7 Fashion Tips for Cold Weather

How to stay stylish when the temperature drops

The temperature has dropped and we’ve all settled into the post-Christmas but not-quite-spring slump. With this, fashion gurus everywhere are attempting to stay stylish while keeping as warm as possible. We’ve got seven tips to help you beat the cold, but stay cute.

1. Purchase a versatile, but warm coat.

Get a coat that looks good in almost any situation, whether it be at the office or to grab a beer with a friend. A good neutral color works well for the winter months. Getting a coat that is a bit dressy can help add a little kick to your wardrobe so that it is perfect for any occasion.

2. Layer Up 

If you live in an especially cold climate, you’ll need to master the art of layering. Wear a cute sweater under your coat or an extra chic scarf to keep your body warm, but also in style. When it starts to get really, really cold, you can layer up in ways others won’t notice, such as leggings under your jeans or a thermal shirt under your blouse.

3. Get Some Great Warm Statement Shoes

Boots are an especially good choice for when you’re trying to keep warm in the cold months. Get some shoes that really grab the attention to keep your look from getting to drab.

4. Invest in Good Tailoring

A good coat or a sturdy pair of jeans are going to last you not just through the months, but for several years if possible. Once you purchase your statement coat or cold-resistant pair of staple jeans, get them expertly tailored.

5. Buy Outwear That’s a Size Too Big, Especially if You Live in a Really Cold City

While fashion experts wouldn’t normally advise you to purchase clothing that doesn’t fit, if you live in an extremely cold place, you’ll need to buy clothing that is a little bit loose. This way, you can layer up as much as possible without having to struggle to button it.

6Experiment with Scarves, Hats and Mittens

Instead of throwing on any old scarf, hat or mittens, experiment with a few to figure out which ones add some real style to your wardrobe. Get a few staple piece that you can switch out, especially if you are wearing the same coat day in and out. This can give your outfit a little something extra rather than showing up to work wearing the same thing each day.

7. Switch Up Your Handbag

Switching up your handbag can add some style to your daily look. Even if you simply alternate between two or three bags, it can change up your everyday wear.

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