Teen Mom OG: What did Farrah Abraham Say About Her Co-Stars On Twitter This Time?!

Farrah Abraham clearly just can’t stop herself from unleashing all kinds of feelings about her fellow Teen Mom OG co-stars. After last night’s most recent episode of Teen Mom OG, Farrah took to Twitter again to talk crap on Catelynn, Amber, and Maci!

She posted the below tweet while watching the episode:

Farrah said, “Watching @TeenMom @MTV, I’m so happy I don’t welcome anymore of @MTV made up shit to help mention the other trash moms feel important lmao good luck @MTV #2018goals #sorrynotsorry.

Geeze Farrah, now you are calling your fellow moms “TRASH”, NOT COOL! The tweet was accompanied by a meme of Farrah herself laughing.

This Tweet comes only a few weeks after Farrah went on a Twitter rant about her fellow moms and called out Tyler Baltierra, Catelynn Lowell’s husband for allegedly being gay.

Even Farrah’s own followers were not too pleased to see her calling out MTV and her fellow moms on Twitter. The overall consensus seems to be that the Teen Mom series and MTV made Farrah and gave her the career she has today, so maybe she shouldn’t be calling everyone out!

Hard to disagree with some of the comments above! “If it wasn’t for MTV, you wouldn’t be no body so good luck with all that” said one follower. Another wrote, “Is she forgetting that MTV is the ones who gave her, her start at fame?!”

All solid points from good ole’ Twitter! Catch Teen Mom OG at 9/8c on MTV on Monday nights, or better yet follow Twitter during the episodes to see what else Farrah says about the fellow Teen Moms.

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