Farrah Abraham Goes Nuts On Catelynn Lowell, Amber Portwood and Maci Bookout

It’s no secret that the girls of Teen Mom OG are not big fans of Farrah Abraham, and really, the feeling has always been mutual. The reality TV star has also had touch and go relationship with MTV itself, claiming that she was fired for her appearance in adult films, then going back to say she wasn’t actually fired.

Last week, she took to Twitter to make fun of Catelynn and Tyler for the tech issues they had opening their online clothing store, Tierra Reign. Not only did she belittle them for having server issues, but she extolled the virtues of her own stores, saying they make online selling a breeze.

This week, Farrah has decided to go for all of her cast mates on Twitter, letting them know just how superior she is to all of them.

“I’m just happy Amber [Portwood] stays In bed, Maci [Bookout] sits on the couch, Catelynn [Lowell] smokes weed in her car, Tyler’s gay still doesn’t admit it,” she wrote on Twitter.


She later took a jab at Amber’s friend who appeared on the show and then at Amber, saying she hopes she’s not back on drugs while she’s expecting.

Farrah finished off her social media extravaganza with a tweet about how wonderful she is.

“travels the world and know how to run businesses #teenmom @mtv all I can say is #WOW,” she wrote.

Tyler responded to fans who shared Farrah’s nasty message saying that lions don’t concern themselves with the opinions of sheep.

Farrah Abraham has been getting ready for an appearance at the Las Vegas strip club, Crazy Horse III, where she often does paid spots. Although she still participates in the adult film industry, Farrah claims that she is not a porn star.

She was recently ripped for promoting one of her adult films on her 8-year-old daughter’s Twitter.


  1. Farrah the other og moms are better people than you will ever be. You’re just an unhappy slut who thinks she’s all that…Well sorry not sorry to tell you but you aren’t better than anyone. All you do is treat everyone like dirt especially your mom!! Take a long look in your mirror & see what & who you really are which is not a good thing!! You are just a bully!!

  2. My parents ALWAYS told me ” If I don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say nothing at all” so I’m leaving it at that. Because God doesn’t like ugliness

  3. little ugly ho ho… she blocks ppl who say means about her….. I wish she was fired, can’t stand her or her family…….

  4. Wow I can’t stand Farrah I just wish Amber Maci and Catelyn would beat her ass and be done with her. I really feel for Farrah’s Mon and little girl and the hell they go thru because of her

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