Teen Mom 2: Is Jenelle Evans’ Marriage Falling Apart?

Is there trouble in paradise for Jenelle Evans and her husband of only three months, David Eason? Earlier this week, Jenelle raised speculation that things are not so great between the married pair. She took to her Facebook and REMOVED her Married status from the book! She also changed her profile picture to be one of her two sons as well as her cover photo. Both of these photos previously featured David. Meanwhile her husband deleted his Facebook entirely on the same night!

Shortly after, Jenelle posted a snapchat of her singing Hailee Steinfeld’s song, “Let Me Go” (FYI, this song is all about a breakup).

Jenelle’s ex-husband, Courtland Rogers now tweeted that Jenelle recently reached out to him. Courtland’s pregnant girlfriend confirmed that his tweet was regarding Jenelle. Lindsay Renee (Courtlands girlfriend) told Radar Online, “I  told him after MTV left my house that day that knowing some female sh*t. I’m surprised David doesn’t have her tied up in the closet…he’s not letting that $$$ train go.” Dang Lindsay! She’s not holding back!

For her part, Jenelle is completely denying any issues in her marriage and refuting any rumors that she and David are getting a divorce. She said social media does not define a relationship and social media doesn’t tell the whole story.

I think we can give Jenelle the benefit of the doubt with this one, at least for now. We all know that when someone deletes a Facebook page, their relationship status deletes too!

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  1. I mean really, are any of you surprised? She needs a lot of help. She keeps choosing losers. She keeps pumping out kids (some she keeps and some aborted,and MTV keeps the paychecks coming. A couple marriages.
    Didnt Courtland say that, David had never heard of Janelle.. And Courtland said he (him) was shocked David was now with Janelle. #cashcowjanelle

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