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Teen Mom OG: Farrah’s Requests For Hosting A Strip Club Party In Vegas Are Insane!

I guess we should all be used to Farrah Abraham’s unorthodox antics at this point but Perez Hilton reported this weekend that Farrah has taken things to a new level! Farrah is scheduled to host an adult themed Christmas party in Las Vegas on Thursday, December 14.

The XXXmas Party at Crazy Horse III is an annual event at one of the most well known gentleman’s clubs on the Las Vegas strip.

When stars/actresses take part in a theater/music performance they usually have a bunch of demands/requests that must be met in order for the performer to actually take part in the performance. These demands are called a rider. Well you won’t believe what Farrah has on her rider in order to perform at the XXXmas party.

-Neon panties
-A vajazzle kit
-A ‘pre-planned appointment with an affluent med-spa for service of two syringes of Sculpta facial filler’
-A 24k gold breast firming gel mask
-$3,000 in Crazy Horse III Diamond Dollars (so she can tip the strippers!)
-One (1) California sushi roll

I’m really not sure what to think about this but it certainly doesn’t seem to phase Farrah in the least! She actually retweeted an article posted by OK magazine regarding these rider requests. I think it’s safe to assume, Farrah will be on the “naughty” list this year!

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