Wish Criticized For Its Portrayal of Plus Size Tights

We all know Wish as that insanely cheap website that advertizes things like watches and items that look like pizzas (but no one is quite sure what they really are) for $1 or less. The poor quality and six week shipping time from a mysterious warehouse in China is the price you pay for the dirt cheap prices.  While no one expects seriously well-made items from the site, visitors were recently astounded by the way they were showing off their new range of plus-size tights.

These $2 tights were advertized by “straight size” models putting their entire bodies into them, stretching them up to their faces. This is supposedly to illustrate just how far these tights (that might run the second you put them on since they are only $2) can stretch.

“What is the point they are trying to make here? That our thunder thighs are so big that their model can fit her entire body into a pair of our tights,” wrote Cosmopolitan fashion editor  Laura Capon.

Those who had seen the controversial photo took to the Internet and their social medias to express their outrage at the advertizement, though it seems Wish hasn’t responded to any requests as to why they decided those particular photos were a good idea.

Wish’s cheap prices and bizarre objects (such as an item that resembles a human tongue) have intrigued consumers, and as such, it has become the target of many YouTubers and bloggers.

Several well-known fashion writers and YouTube sensations have ordered hundreds of dollars in their currency of Wish items to try on and see what they are like in real life. As one would expect, with a site like this, it is incredibly hit or miss, with some much better than expected and others arriving either damaged or resembling a totally different item than originally ordered.



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