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Teen Mom OG: Mackenzie Edwards, Ryan’s Wife is Pissed at MTV for Airing Half Truths

Mackenzie Edwards took to her blog this week ( to pen a blog post in which she goes after MTV for the way in which she is being portrayed on Teen Mom OG this season.

After the first few episodes of Teen Mom OG Season 7, we get a glimpse into where producers are taking their story lines, one of these being the tense relationship/feud between Maci Bookout, mother of Ryan Edwards’ first son, Bentley, and Mackenzie, Ryan’s new wife. Some of these negative feelings date back to the Season 6’s Reunion show where Mackenzie accused Maci of basically exploiting Ryan’s severe drug issues by talking about his problems on the show.

Mackenzie titled her blog post “Dear World” and started by asking her followers “What’s it like being on TV you may ask?…This is a very lonely life.” She goes on to say that everything she does is broadcasted, ” Your ups, downs, and in betweens, broadcasted. The best day of your life along with the very worst day possible…..broadcasted.” She believes that the viewers and anyone following Teen Mom forget that she and her fellow co-stars are simply real people with real problems and real emotions.

Mackenzie also believes that people believe everything they see on TV and that a lot of what is seen is simply not true. “Another common misconception… that what is shown is what is 110% true. Its easy to believe that, but it’s not right. It’s easy to show the “half truth” and portray it as whole. But that’s ok because regardless of what happens, whether right or wrong, you’re considered scum.”

Mackenzie wants the world to know that she didn’t do this just for her “15 seconds of fame” but she went on Teen Mom because she wanted people to know what it really is like to be a teen mom. She goes on to say, “Theres a lot of things I’d like to do for a living, lots of dreams that still sparkle when I close my eyes at night… These things are still attainable but are dimmed by a clouded mind full of empty words of hatred and lies from people I’ve never even met and from some I know well.”

I think it’s fantastic that Mackenzie is putting herself out there like this and really showing the world the type of woman she wants to be. We all are humans. We all make mistakes (on a daily basis) and we could all be a little less judgmental, especially when it comes to reality tv shows. Catch Teen Mom OG on Monday nights at 9/8c on MTV.



  1. Did any of you see the All About Larry episode? They rented a cabin for a weekend and tried to celebrate someone’s birthday (Larry’s I think) and Ryan disappeared for hours, didn’t answer any texts and left them all sitting around waiting for him to show up. It’s obvious he was on drugs then, for her to say she didn’t know- she’s fooling herself. Ryan’s parents are super nice but they have always enabled him. I don’t understand how they’re mad at Maci for protecting Bentley from an addict, maybe Mackenzie should do the same for her kid.

  2. “Mackenzie wants the world to know that she didn’t do this just for her “15 seconds of fame” but she went on Teen Mom because she wanted people to know what it really is like to be a teen mom.”

    But she’s not a teen mom, so how would she know what it’s like. Also she just sold herself out, “didnt just do this for 15 mins of fame” but that was a reason she did it. she’s not on teen mom because she loves Ryan and wants to be with him, but she wants to put her opinion on what being a teen parent is like. Yes, I am a teen mom and know what it’s like to raise a child by myself.

  3. You signed up for it quit whining! This is all a choice good for Ryan choosing to seek help! Honestly, he is there for his child even before he was high so no one feels bad for him anyways! Don’t want your life for public to see don’t sign up for a tv show DUH!

  4. Mackenzie you are not a teen mom OG! You married dead beat Ryan! Maci has taken care of Bently on her own! With out the help of man-child Ryan… Do us all a favour and leave the show! You shouldn’t be there in the first place #teamMaci

  5. Why would you marry and addict ? You say you did not know………..He was doing tn thousand a week and we all knew………..Why would you rush a wedding to a man who is clearly high and driving high ???

  6. Btw,incase nobody told you, Mackenzie…you’re not an og teen mom. What is seen is you are playing the part of another mother to Ryan. If you haven’t figured it out yet you’re 15 mins have expired. Hopefully, you can be a help to Ryan. He is and has always been the one teen father that has gone nowhere. This has nothing to do with his drug problem. He is a spoiled,immature teen father that developed a drug problem instead of stepping up to the plate and being a role model to his son. Hoping he gets through this addiction and finally steps up to the plate. You on the other hand are just along for the ride.

  7. It’s too bad that Ryan, Jenn, and Larry can’t see the strain MacKenzie has put on their relationship with Maci. Maci is protecting her child while MacKenzie is busy telling lies and enabling a drug addict. Its absurd that she expects anyone to believe she knew nothing about his addiction. Maci is the better woman and no amount of garbage MacKenzie puts out there will change that.

  8. I watch the show because I love Taylor and Caitlyn I like seeing the children as they grow been viewing since their births. I think to much drama is taking u air time and they seem to take turns who they drag through the mud. Honestly if maci is that engrossed in Ryan’s life why did she married the guy she is with seems she is obsessed with Ryan and her new husband is more a friend than a husband.

  9. Lmfao well for one you sign your life away to the media, expect it to be half truths. Do they really think everything said about REAL celebrities is true? Besides that, it is true!

    And two, I like Maci 1000x better… she isn’t delusional.

  10. Half truths my butt. Everyone anf anyone who watched the show could see ryan was on drugs. How could you not. Mackenzie is trying to hard to out do Maci!! Won’t happen stop trying. Maci is a great mom and ryans family and Mackenzie are delusional

  11. she has some valid points but I totally disagree with her on the letter she wrote to Maci. Maci has a right to be concerned because her son is the one she is protecting from possible harm. His parents have their heads up their a—- concerning their son and so does Mackenzie. I couldn’t believe watching that clip that she didn’t make him stop the car, get out and drive the car herself. He could have killed them and maybe innocent people. And I don’t believe he’s clean, not drinking a beer the day he’s out. No way!

  12. Who cares what this idiot thinks? She’s not one of the women selected for Teen Mom. We don’t care about her kid because he’s not allowed to be filmed, and we’re only forced to care about her because she forced her way into Bentley’s life. Sit down, Wannabe Real Housewife of Hamilton County, and let the grownups talk.

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