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MTV Posts Deleted ‘Teen Mom OG’ Scene That Hints Ryan’s Rehab Didn’t Go So Well

Teen Mom OG fans no doubt remember the dreadful scene in which Ryan Edwards and his wife, Mackenzie, were driving to their wedding while he was high as a kite. In the scene, Ryan, who was behind the wheel, kept nodding off while Mackenzie (who claims she was unaware of his drug habit), keeps asking him what he had taken that day.

Fans of the show were shocked MTV aired the scene, but were also startled by the fact that the crew didn’t step in to stop Ryan from endangering his life as well as those of other drivers on the road.

The newest season of Teen Mom OG opened with Ryan fresh out of rehab, claiming he kicked his drug habit in just 21 days. In a conversation with his wife, Mackenzie, he tells her that he was released early because he started therapy while he was detoxing, which he wasn’t required to do.

In a deleted scene MTV posted to their Teen Mom OG site just after the episode aired, Mackenzie and Ryan are shown looking for a house together. This deleted scene took place after Ryan’s rehab, but fans were quick to point out that the MTV star was still nodding off just like he had on the way to his wedding.

The clip, which has almost reached a million views, has many people wondering if the 21 days in rehab actually helped Ryan at all. After all, he was supposedly doing $10,000 worth of drugs a week, and checked out without an aftercare plan (smart).

According to his wife, Mackenzie Edwards, it is his ex-fiancee Maci Bookout’s fault that she didn’t tell her about Ryan’s habit since she knew about it. However, a $10,000 a week habit in which someone is often nodding off while driving is pretty extensive and hard to ignore.

But if Ryan’s family and wife were willing to overlook his habit in the past, will they continue to do so even after his rehab stay?


  1. Macy a good mom, I wouldn’t want my child with someone that’s a drug addict especially driving under the influence. I can’t Mackenzie blamed Macy, shes so indenial, the whole world knew Ryan was on drugs, for Mackenzie and Ryan’s parents act like they didn’t know is ridiculous, that’s why Ryan is incapable of being a man, they never let him grow up and face responsiblties, and Larry to say Macy still in love with Ryan is insane, she has a real, responsible man, not a irresponsible drug addict who never works.

  2. Mackenzie is jealous of Maci! That’s obvious. Jen knows Maci is just trying to be a good mother & Larry is trying to “support” Ryan by attacking Maci! At the end of the day – Beney will see EVERYTHING everyone of them say about each other! SHAME on Mackenzie, Ryan and Larry! Your personal BS and anger that Maci “outed” Ryan on TV is just that BS! She doesn’t owe Ryan a thing and SHE SAVED HIS LIFE! Doing it publicly FORCED the rehab! Y’all should be THANKING her! There will be a divorce because Ryan isn’t “in love” with Mackenzie. She is his enabler and when that is done / they will be done!

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