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Farrah Abraham Says She’s Looking to ‘Connect’ with People on Bumble

Farrah Abraham is pretty much everyone’s favorite villain on the Teen Mom franchise. That is, unless you count Matt Baier, who is an actual villain and stole some serious cash from his ex, but that’s kind of a different story.

The reality TV star turned porn star has recently stated that she’s “looking to connect” with folks on Bumble, but not to date. She has joined Bumble Bizz to try and made business connections in the Austin area to further her brands. (If you didn’t know, Farrah not only does porn, but she also owns a frozen yogurt shop, a children’s clothing store and a furniture store.)

Although Farrah has told fans she’s moving to Los Angeles about a million times, and has gone house hunting in LA several times on the show, she is still residing in the Austin, Texas area. As such, she wants to go above and beyond the business community events and meet people through the magic of the Internet.

Radar Online got ahold of Farrah’s profile, which turned out to be pretty much what you would expect from Miss Abraham.

“International celebrity, Teen Mom on MTV, business mogul, New York Times best selling author, Advocate for safe contraception, Owner/Founder Furnished By Farrah, Froco, Sophia Laurent,” she wrote.

Despite the fact that Farrah has been roasted numerous times for her inability to put a sentence together, sadly, she is actually a New York Times bestselling author. However, the “international celebrity” thing might be a bit much, as it isn’t like she’s Angelina Jolie or something.

In an interview with Radar, she told them she isn’t looking to date right now because she doesn’t have time. Instead, she seems to be stuck in an eternal “are they or aren’t they?” with her ex-(or not ex?) boyfriend Simon Saran. Time will only tell what happens for Farrah’s love life.

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