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Jenelle Evans Tweets and Deletes That David Eason is a Cancer Survivor

Wherever Jenelle Evans goes, drama seems to follow, and tweeting about her husband’s health history is no exception.

Fans of Teen Mom 2 have noticed that her husband, David Eason, has a scar on his throat that would indicate he may have had his thyroid removed in the past or surgery to help him breathe through alternate means after a serious injury or illness.

Jenelle tweeted and deleted to a fan that David is a cancer survivor, and that she thought it was cruel for someone to say that he has a short life expectancy. However, some fans swear that David once said that he had his thyroid cut out as a preventative measure, not because he was actually ill.

According to Jenelle, though, David not only had cancer, but had several of his lymph nodes removed to help him deal with it. She also claims he went through radiation therapy, and of course, that none of his family helped him in his hour of need.

Although some doubt the story (which would be a really terrible thing to lie about), David’s sister, Jessica, confirmed on a Facebook post that her brother did, indeed, deal with a bout of thyroid cancer at one point.

David later made a statement about his cancer on Facebook, and of course it is filled with expletives. It is unclear, though, who he is referring to when slinging his insults.

“Thyroid and lymph node cancer to be exact. I’ve had two surgeries and two radiation treatments along with lifetime medications. Most people don’t know that because I’m not an attention-seeking w***e like this dumb b***h. I have a 10 percent chance of cancer reoccurrence and being that it was in my throat and my lymph nodes, that’s not good chances. I appreciate your concerns on my health and life but I really hope you seek some professional help before you hurt someone or yourself. Don’t get yourself hurt by someone like me who f**ks people up when they f**k with my family,” he charmingly wrote.

According to In Touch Weekly, someone did find a screenshot from David’s mom claiming the thyroid removal was preventative and not cancerous. So who is telling the truth?

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