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Chelsea Houska DeBoer Speeds Up Process to Change Aubree’s Last Name

Chelsea Houska DeBoer has cried more than her fair share of tears over deadbeat baby daddy, Adam Lind. The reality TV show star used to long for him in order to create a cohesive family unit for their daughter, Aubree, but she finally moved on when she met and married now husband, Cole DeBoer.

Unfortunately, Adam is still in Chelsea’s life due to the fact that Aubree sees him regularly, at least with supervised visits. But the Teen Mom 2 dad hasn’t made much of an effort to clean up his act since it was discovered he had drugs in his system, and his time with both of his daughters was cut short.

Adam spent the night in jail recently after violating a no-contact order against his ex-girlfriend, Stasia Huber. According to Stasia, Adam broke her arm while under the influence of several different drugs mixed together.


Chelsea Houska DeBoer has been outspoken on Teen Mom 2 about the possibility of changing her daughter’s name from Aubree Lind to Aubree Lind-DeBoer, to match the rest of Chelsea’s little family. And it seems the most recent events finally caused Chelsea to act and get the ball rolling.

According to a clerk in Lincoln County, where Chelsea resides, she and Aubree have a date to appear in court January 8 on the issue of her name change. It, however, does not detail whether or not Adam and his family put up a fight over it.

Chelsea has often spent her episodes on Teen Mom 2 concerned for her daughter’s safety and crying over the fact that Adam is Aubree’s father. She hopes that things will one day get better, but at the moment doesn’t seem to have high hopes for her baby daddy.

In the meantime, she is enjoying domestic life with her husband and their son, Watson.

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