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Jenelle Evans Calls the Cops on Her Own Mom, Alleges She Hits Jace

Jenelle Evans of Teen Mom 2 fame will do anything to get her son, Jace back, even if it means setting up her mom in order to do so.

The reality star gave up custody of her eldest son, Jace, to her mother Barbara shortly after giving birth to him due to her addiction to heroin and other drugs. The intent was to “give him back” once she cleaned up her act, however, the courts have stated that they feel it has been too long. At this point, they would be pulling Jace out of the only home he’s ever known.

As a result, she and Barbara have set up a custody agreement that is similar to that of divorced parents. But that doesn’t mean Jenelle is content with it or won’t try a series of shenanigans to try and catch Barb out.


On last season of Teen Mom 2, viewers saw Jenelle try and set Barb up as being irresponsible, stating that she was drinking with several of her grandkids in her custody. In reality, she was just enjoying a glass of wine at lunch with a friend.

Now, Jenelle has called 911 and filed a police report against Barbara, claiming that she has been physically assaulting Jace.

According to records obtained by Radar Online, Jenelle called 911 while on the phone with her son with her phone on mute so that the operator could hear what was going on.

“My name is Jenelle Evans and the emergency is actually at my mom’s house in Southport, North Carolina. My son actually called me…he lives with my mom in Southport. My son called me crying his eyes out and saying that my mother is actually hitting him. And he’s huffing and puffing, he can’t breathe,” she told the operator.

Jenelle says that her mother overheard the conversation and that she threatened Jace, saying, “Are you going to tell mommy that?” after alleging that Barb hit him to Jenelle.

The reality TV star also claims that her son was screaming for her and that Barb wouldn’t hand him the phone.

Although the situation sounds disturbing, the 911 operators determined it wasn’t serious enough to investigate.

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