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Jana Duggar Courtship Rumors Swirl, Again

Jana Duggar is 27 and single, which in the Duggar world pretty much means she’s an old maid. She and her twin John David are the second oldest Duggar kids, but they are still unmarried, which is pretty bizarre considering most of their siblings tied the knot before or just after their 20th birthday.

Rumors have swirled on and off for several years about possible suitors for Jana Duggar, however nothing has been confirmed thus far. On a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything), a user who claimed to be good friends with the Duggar family stated that they pretty much announce courtships and engagements as they happen, so it is pretty doubtful that either Jana or her twin are in secret relationships.

Still, that hasn’t stopped Duggar fans from placing Jana Duggar with a variety of men that her family knows, hoping against hope that she will one day finally be set free.


As a Duggar, Jana has never not lived at home. Some refer to her as “Cinderella Duggar,” as she appears to take care of the younger kids almost more than her mother, Michelle. This is partially why fans are hoping she finally gets married so she can bolt out of the Duggar compound.

Lately, fans have linked her to family friend, Caleb Williams. Williams has spent a lot of time at the Duggar compound, and has even been photographed with the family on several occasions. It was suggested that he spent Thanksgiving there, which has some wondering if that means that he sealed the deal with Jana.

However, fans protective of Jana Duggar feel like he isn’t a good match for her. They’ve dubbed him sloppy and not good looking enough (ouch) for the eldest Duggar daughter.

In a recent photo he took with some of the Duggar family members, some noted that his underwear was showing, which wasn’t quite up to their standards to date “precious” Jana.

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