Vanderpump Rules: Are Jax and Brittany Broken Up For Good?

The sixth season of Vanderpump Rules premiered on Monday night on Bravo and it’s safe to say there is still a whole lot of drama going down at Lisa Vanderpump’s SUR restaurant. These people (I’d say kids but they are all over 30 years old) just can’t help themselves. They’ve all slept with each other, all cheated on one another, and all chosen the WORST possible moments to reveal the gory details of their affairs in front of the rest of their cast members. I don’t understand how any of them are actually friends at this point.

On Monday night, shocking absolutely NO ONE, it was revealed at Scheana’s Birthday party that Jax Taylor MIGHT have cheated on Brittany Cartwright with a fellow member of the SUR Staff, Faith. Personally, I don’t remember her from past seasons but I guess she is still hanging around this crew. Anyways, apparently Faith has been spreading rumors that she and Jax hooked up after Jax left Brittany in Kentucky on their Bravo spin off show earlier this year. Brittany seemed to think that although they were having a rough time, they would be able to work it out.

At Scheana’s Birthday extravaganza, Tom S. tries to talk with Jax and asks him flat out if he cheated on Brittany. Faith decides to fill James in on everything related to her and Jax. She tells James that after leaving SUR she became a caretaker for a 95 year old woman and that she and Jax hooked up in front of the woman, WITHOUT a condom. Oh my god this is complete insanity and honestly super gross if it’s true. She also tells James that she hasn’t gotten her period and there is a good chance she is pregnant with Jax’s love child. WHHHHATTTTTTTTT.

Jax ends up denying the affair entirely to Tom, which is just ridiculous because we all know about Jax’s history with women in this group. Somehow, Brittany gets wind of all the rumors and goes ballistic (rightfully so). She tells Jax “I am disgusted. Per usual by you, if I find out this is true I’m moving out, I’m taking the dogs with me and you can rot in f**king hell!”

Right on Brittany! I guess we’ll have to watch next week’s episode to see what happens, looking at both Jax and Brittany’s Instagrams, there definitely was a gap the last few months of pictures together but it seems like recently they might have reconciled. I wonder if the season 6 premiere of the show that made them stars had anything to do with that…

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