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All The Details On The Huge Bar Fight on Floribama Shore Last Night!

Floribama Shore, MTV’s newest “Jersey Shore” like reality tv show airing on Monday nights got wild last night when the cast of the show got into a HUGE bar fight with locals at Donovans in Panama City, FL.  In case you haven’t seen Floribama yet, it’s a successor to Jersey Shore so if you miss watching Snookie, J-Woww, and Vinny get fantastically drunk in Seaside Heights, NJ, look no further-you will LOVE Floribama. Eight strangers-Nilsa, Kortni, Jeremiah, Aimee, Candace, Gus, Kirk, and Cody all living together under one roof while spending their summer getting absolutely hammered on the Gulf Shore in Panama City Beach.

On this week’s episode, a “very drunk woman” started throwing down some intense insults to Nilsa at Donovans (a local hangout) in Panama City where the entire crew went for Dollar Draft Beers. Nilsa and Aimee go outside the bar after Nilsa gets upset and start getting harassed by a local. The woman told Nilsa she was a “princess” and that she should just go home. Kirk got instantly defensive and went below the belt. He apparently told the woman, “You know, I bet your whole family is a THOT, you’re a THOT, you’re daughter’s a THOT.” THOT=That Hoe Over There. Oh boy, those are fighting words Kirk!

Kirk also threatened to beat up the boyfriend of the “very drunk woman” who originally threw down the insults on Nilsa. Things got crazy after this and basically the entire crew, random locals, and the original drunk woman and her boyfriend get into an all out boxing match on the streets of Panama City.

Regarding the incident, co-start, Cody recently said in an interview with TooFab, “I was all excited about going there, and then I kind of got the feel that this is pretty much just a local dive bar, they don’t really like outsiders coming, especially ones with film crews,” He went on to say “It’s kind of like we were disrespectful to them, like we were stepping on their turf.” Cody acknowledged that the group never went to Donovans again for the entire rest of the summer and that he didn’t think any of them would even be allowed in the bar ever again!

I don’t know about all of you but this whole scene just made me miss the Jersey Shore crew. Hopefully the stars of Floribama can win over our hearts as well. Floribama Shores airs on Monday Nights at 10/9c on MTV.



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