Tyler Baltierra calls out Michael Abraham (Farrah’s Dad) on Twitter

Things are getting snippy in the Teen Mom OG Twitter world this week. Tyler (husband of Catelynn Lowell) who is currently spending time in a rehab facility, is trying to support his wife and take care of their children got into a little bit of a Twitter war on Friday, with Farrah Abraham’s father, Michael.

Michael was very upset about Farrah’s “fake firing” from the Teen Mom OG show this fall. He went on Twitter on Dec. 1 with a full on rant regarding MTV’s handling of his daughter’s career. Michael wrote, ” Why is MTV shaming and discriminating against her for a moral issue but not other people on shows that show “moral” issues- drug use, driving under the influence, illegal prescription use, having kids with multiple men out of wedlock, excessive drinking.”

It looks like some of Michael’s followers also agreed with his tweets:


Michael continued his Twitter rant by explaining that he felt Farrah and Chelsea Houska were the only “Teen Moms” who handled their situations responsibly. He responded to a fan who said both Maci and Catelynn are now married to the fathers of their second children with this, “But unmarried and they had their first and second child out of wedlock…remember their beautiful little girls (and I mean that from my heart) were at their wedding when MTV showed it on the show.”

Well Tyler saw this series of tweets and soon after stepped in attempting to defend both he and Catelynn’s actions! Tyler tweeted, “Michael…please I am aware that you believe it’s a “moral issue” that I married my childhood sweetheart just a tad “too late” and it is duly noted. However, I think it would be wise (for a man of your age) to stop arguing with strangers on social media. Confidence is quiet.”

Not gonna lie, I like Tyler’s response and style here. Even though Michael was sending out some pretty bad signals, Tyler kept his cool and reacted quite maturely. Kudos to you Tyler. Check out the next episode of Teen Mom OG tonight on MTV 9/8c!

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  1. Michael has a lot of nerve talking about anyone with a daughter like her. I would be so embarrassed if my daughter did porn and then was selling her private parts to people. She’s not a role model for anyone especially her daughter. I have to give her kudos for all her other businesses, she should have just stuck with doing businesses her and her daughter could be proud of.

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