Matt Baier Admits He Relapsed This Year During Teen Mom OG Season 7 Premiere

As we all know, Matt Baier and fiance Amber Portwood, star of Teen Mom OG broke off their engagement back in mid-August of 2017. The couple broke up after three years together while they filmed Marriage Boot Camp over the summer.

Although we knew of the break-up leading into Teen Mom OG’s Season 7 premiere on Monday night, we did’t necessarily have ALL the facts regarding what lead to the break-up.

During Monday night’s episode, Amber revealed to an MTV producer after the season 6 reunion that “nothing’s changed at all. It’s hard. I just feel like I’m trickling down a bit with the relationship, I’m slowly going down as he treats me like sh*t.”

At one point, a friend of Amber’s flat out asked her if she is just afraid of being alone and that is why she hadn’t cut ties yet with Baier. Amber admitted to the friend that she might be “making a mistake if I let him go.”

Later on in the episode, Amber and Matt had an honest conversation about their mutual trust issues. Many of these issues date back to last season when Matt who is still a recovering drug addict offered Amber’s fellow Teen Mom co-star, Catelynn Lowell, a Xanax pill. As reported earlier this week, Catelynn is currently in a rehab facility dealing with her own issues related to suicidal thoughts.

During this conversation, Amber eventually asked Matt if he is high at that moment. Matt responded, “Why would you ask me if I’m high? Yeah I did drugs. And yeah, if you want me to say it on camera, I relapsed this year and I’m not ashamed of it.” He also told Amber that he was going through a very difficult time and that he relapsed pretty hard.

By the end of the premiere, it was pretty clear that Baier and Portwood were not on the same page as he wanted to “go back to our life, get back to counseling, and f*ck the world.” While Portwood wanted to take things slow and told Baier that “I’m not even thinking about the wedding or anything, or being engaged.”

Teen Mom OG airs every Monday night on MTV at 9/8c.

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