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Single Mom gives Her 13 Year Old Son The Best Punishment Ever

Demetris Payne of Shreveport, LA, a single mom of 13 year old Jadarien, and three other children, ages 3, 8, and 17 certainly has her hands full, so when she received a call from Jadarien’s school that he had spoken back to his teacher, she had no sympathy for him. Jadarien was given a 3 day suspension from school and told to leave for the day.

Her first instinct (to take away his phone and video games) didn’t work out so well. After leaving Jadarien at home with her father, Demetris returned to find the two having a grand old time watching TV and snacking on strawberries together. Demetris decided to take immediate action and to teach Jadarien a lesson.

She told him to go outside and start cleaning up the yard, in the meantime she got on Facebook and posted a message to all of her neighbors in the area letting them know that Jadarien had gotten in trouble at school and would be able to provide lawn services FOR FREE during his 3 day suspension.

Photo Credit: CBS News

After receiving multiple requests for help after posting the Facebook message, Demetris literally drove Jadarien to the neighbors’ houses and watched as he raked leaves, mowed lawns, and picked up pine needles. He helped out at 8 different homes and afterwards Demetris took him straight to the library where, under the watchful eye of his mother, he did his homework and finished reading assignments.

Jadarien returned to school 3 days later, having spent 8 hours cleaning up yards and helping out around the community. His mother sat down with Jadarien’s teachers after the suspension to make sure that he is back on track in school but she is pretty confident that he has learned his lesson. Demetris’ post went viral and has since been shared hundreds of times with incredibly positive feedback.

It’s always nice to see any parent using logical parenting skills when it comes to their children and disciplining them but it’s pretty incredible to see a single mom of four young children go above and beyond to ensure that her son stays out of trouble and understands the consequences of his actions at an early age. The Mom of the Month award definitely goes to Demetris Payne!

Photo Credit: CBS News

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