All Of Your Favorite “This Is Us” Main Characters, Ranked

We all know there is one TV show out on the market right now that is simply impossible to get through without crying, ugly Kim Kardashian like tears. You know which show I’m talking about. Every week, we look forward to Tuesday night when we get to delve right back into the drama of the Pearson family on NBC’S This is Us. Between Kate’s weight struggle, Kevin’s newly discovered love for pain killers and cheap red wine, Randall’s anxiety issues and Jack’s battle with alcoholism, the 9 pm slot on NBC will be set for the next few years.

As much as we LOVE the Pearson family and their extended friends/family, there is a definitive ranking of main characters on this show. Some are hard to love, others are easy to hate, and there are a few that we just never want to leave the tv screen. Let the ranking begin!


I’m sorry, but I just can’t stand Kevin this season. He has become easily the most selfish guy on the show. Watching “Number 1’s” episode last week just really sealed the deal on this one. He is selfish, arrogant, and condescending. He treats Sophie like absolute crap. Through flashbacks, we can see he also treated his parents with little respect. His attitude towards Randall has always been rude. At the moment, I just don’t see any redeeming qualities, but I’m sure at some point, Kevin will pull himself out of this downward spiral with the help of Kate and Randall.

# 6 TOBY

I might get some crap for this one, but Toby is just so annoying. I love how much he loves Kate and how supportive he is of her endeavors but his jokes suck and he should be more understanding of Kate and Kevin’s relationship. Clearly, their family has been through a lot and she relies on her brother for more than she should…but they are twins, come on Toby! Also, that scene in the coffee shop was just too much to watch, with the singing and the dancing.. yikes.


My favorite moment with Kate this year was by far her breakout scene singing “Landslide” while Rebecca and Toby came and watched against her wishes. Her voice was beautiful and the moment felt so uplifting and a turning point for her. However, quickly after that she was yelling at her mom for coming to watch her sing and for ruining the day. It just feels that more often than not, Kate is complaining. I have yet to see a scene where Rebecca has treated Kate badly enough to warrant Kate’s hateful feelings toward her mother. Time will tell on this and maybe next week’s “Number 2 episode” will be Kate’s coming out party, but right now I feel like she frequently is just hosting her own pity party.


How can you not like Randall? Yes, he can be insanely frustrating with his OCD and Type A Personality. He has major anxiety issues and it’s hard to find another character on TV who is more of a perfectionist than Randall Pearson. Yet, he is an incredible father, intelligent, a doting husband, and a man who after 30 something years never gave up hope that he would find his long lost father. Also, young Randall is just the absolute cutest 🙂


I freaking love Beth Pearson. She is funny, witty, level headed, hot, and a bad a$$ b*tch. Seriously, there isn’t much not to like about Beth. Randall is obsessed with her (rightly so). She welcomed William, a recovering drug addict into her house with open arms (yes it took her an episode or two but she came around fast). She is an amazing mom to her two young daughters and is working so hard to win over the trust and affection of Deja. That hair-braiding moment was incredible between Deja and Beth. Of course, Beth ruined it by telling Randall everything Deja said and then Deja chopped all of her hair off in retaliation but I digress. The only reason she is not #1 in these rankings is because Rebecca and Jack are so freaking cute that we all know they deserve to be in the top 2. 


Look, I won’t lie, I’m not sure I’ll ever be ok with the fact that Rebecca somehow ends up with Miguel but at the end of the day her love for Jack and her determination to keep the family together sets her apart from all of the other characters IMO. She handles herself with class and dignity and literally that moment she walks back into Miguel’s house and tells Jack she is taking him home and that they are handling his alcoholism as a family..OMG..all the tears. Also her singing voice is amazing (love that Mandy Moore is back with the jams) and she is a huge football fan (Boo Steelers but still love you Rebecca).


And last but certainly not least.. Mr. Jack Pearson. Words can’t really express how much I love Jack. He’s an amazing dad, a loyal husband, a man who has many personal demons but tries so hard to fight through them and to protect his family. Ugh, Jack you are perfect.



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