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Meet Catty Lemmon, an 11-year-old Full-Time College Student

While most eleven-year-olds are just discovering the opposite sex, participating in their favorite hobbies and slugging their way through their fifth or sixth grade curriculum, Catty Lemmon is attending and excelling in her college courses.

The eleven-year-old attends Dixie State University in Utah, and is the youngest student in its history to ever be enrolled there. Catty wasn’t anticipating leaving her school behind to be on course for a bachelor’s degree by the time she reaches high school, but it was her mother who encouraged her.

Image by Dixie Sun News

The insanely intelligent girl took an accelerated 8-week pre-calculus course over the summer at a local college, packing in a semester’s worth of material. Not only did Catty do well in the course, but she got the highest grade in the class. After that, her mother, Asia Lemmon, knew her daughter could handle a full-time college load.

Catty, however, is used to being the youngest kid in her class. Her mother told MSN that after starting school age the tender age of four, she completed first through eighth grade in four years.

She attended a private school for a while that was helping her accelerated needs, but Asia Lemmon found it wasn’t enough fo her.

“There’s no rule book for a kid like Catty. DSU has been so nice and flexible. They’ve gone out of their way to give her a scholarship, and all of her teachers are okay with having an 11-year-old in class,” Asia Lemmon said.

Image by Dixie Sun News

Catty has admitted that she has issues with anxiety, and this year, her anxiety has been magnified due to her new situation. However, she’s still moving forward and looking to graduate college by the time she turns 15, when most of her peers will be sophomores in high school.

But Catty doesn’t see herself as any different from any other coed.

“I’m just another student. People think I’m around 15. They don’t realize that even after I graduate college, I will still be too young to drive or get a job,” she said.

As such, Catty doesn’t have any solid plans for when she graduates, but she does know she excels in math and art and hopes to combine the two for a career one day.

Asia Lemmon is not only her proud mother, but also a student at DSU. She studies psychology and is in her sophomore year at the school. The pair eat lunch, commute and study together.

“I love being able to eat lunch and study with Catty, and we text back and forth all day with funny stories to make each other laugh,” said Asia.

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