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Comedian Sends Random Numbers Break-Up Text Messages And It’s Pretty Hilarious

Over the weekend, comedian Mike Primavera decided send random strangers a break-up text to see how they would respond. He posted the hilarious text messages on Twitter for all of his fans to see, declaring that breaking up with random numbers was his new hobby.

Although some of the random numbers weren’t too excited by the texts they were receiving, it appears that the Internet was predictably amused by the messages. After all, it’s pretty much 21st century etiquette to never end a relationship via text, and is even more slightly hilarious when done by people who have no idea who is on the other end of the text.

It appears that for Primavera, this stunt was just a one-time thing over the weekend, possibly to cure his boredom. However, the Internet was left wanting more when the Twitter messages detailing his exchanges went dark.

Several of the break-up text message recipients told Primavera that he had the wrong number, but he continued his barrage anyway, or at least until they started to ignore him. Then, he moved on to another unsuspecting victim.

Some of the lucky break-up text recipients appeared to play along with Primavera, at least for a little bit.

One person, however, let Primavera know immediately the sending a break-up text is a totally crappy way to break-up with them, berating him for doing so as they received the text.

Truthfully, though, breaking up with someone via text message is really kind of crappy, so that person who berated Primavera was totally spot on.

After the people of the Internet let him know they loved his break-up text messages, he bestowed them with one more parting gift earlier today.

The last victim let Primavera know they weren’t falling for it, especially considering they weren’t even dating anyone. Naturally, he asked them if they wanted to hang out.

We’re waiting to see if a date and subsequent love connection ensues.



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