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Woman Gets Personal Permission From Terry Crews to His His Face on a Credit Card After the Bank Denied It

A young woman named Darrel Kennedy knew she had to stop spending so much money on random stuff she didn’t need. She developed a genius plan to get her to stop swiping her card: putting a stern looking photo of Terry Crews on it to remind her that she probably doesn’t need whatever it is she’s about to buy.

As Wells Fargo allows customers to personalize their credit and debit cards, Kennedy applied online with the photo and was ready to have it in her hands. Unfortunately, Wells Fargo told her it wasn’t possible to use the photo unless she had personal permission from Terry Crews himself.

Since Terry Crews is a big Hollywood actor, Kennedy thought she would never get permission from him. So she tweeted out her plight, hoping that someone might know someone who might be able to forward her message to Mr. Crews himself.

After a little bit of Internet magic, Terry Crews actually saw the social media message. Since he has a sense of humor, the actor wrote her back as soon as he got the message, letting Kennedy know that he totally approved having his photo on her debit card.

He also later revealed that he uses a stern photo of himself to stop him from spending money on things he doesn’t need, so evidently it’s a pretty sound strategy for those looking to save money.

Darrel Kennedy then went back to Wells Fargo, letting them know that she did receive permission from Terry himself. While she waited to hear the outcome, Terry Crews tweeted her back with an emoji of fingers crossed.

After receiving word that Kennedy had gotten permission to use the photo, Wells Fargo approved her request, and she now has a debit card with Terry Crews on it to keep her from spending on money on things she doesn’t need.

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