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The Tennessee Department of Tourism Development Creates Viewing Devices for Color Blind Visitors

Over 13 million people in the United States are colorblind, meaning that the majestic changing of the leaves each fall is something they can’t enjoy like most people. Instead, the autumnal colors don’t look like anything super special, which is why the Tennessee Department of Tourism Development created devices to help them see the changing leaves and experience the beauty for themselves.

The Great Smoky Mountain range is one of the most highly visited in the United States. And while the northeast, specifically Massachusetts, is know for its gorgeous autumn foliage, the Smokies also transform themselves into yellow, red and orange as the seasons change.

The Tennessee Department of Tourism Development created an amazing video of colorblind tourists using the devices for the first time. Some even teared up as they were able to finally see what all of the fuss was about when it came to the breathtaking fall colors.

Two visitors to the Smokies, a husband and wife pair, talked about the husband’s colorblindness before he attempted to use the device.

“I see the colors and they’re florescent and beautiful and great, and I’ll say (to Jim) ‘honey see that?’ and he’ll say ‘What?’  I wish he could see what I see,” the man’s wife said.

Her husband was then able to look through the device and finally, for the first time, see what his wife has always been so excited about.

“It’s how I imagine the difference is between here and heaven. I feel like now I know why people come from miles and states around just to see this,” one visitor remarked in the video.

Colorblind individuals can also purchase special glasses that will allow them to see the colors of a sunset or the fall foliage, making these little things many of us take for granted an extra special experience.


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