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Meet Eclipse, the Dog Who Rides the Bus All by Herself

Image via Lindsay Cohen/YouTube

Eclipse has gained somewhat of a fan base ever since the day she got on the bus all by herself and started riding it around town without her owner. The beautiful (and incredibly intelligent!) dog hails from Seattle, where she is known as the D-Line dog because she rides the route without any human intervention.

The half Mastiff and half Labrador has gained such a following (she has over 33,000 fans and counting on Facebook) that she has recently published a book entitled Dog on Board. She has been featured in videos for Seattle’s Metro Trip Planner app and is somewhat of a local celebrity.

Image by King County Dept. of Transportation

Eclipse started getting on the bus herself one day after her owner took a little too long smoking his cigarette. Impatient and ready for the dog park, she left her person, Jeff Young, in the dust and went to the dog park all by herself.

Now, Eclipse can ride the bus 3-4 stops, and even knows how to meet her owner there without anyone guiding her.

“All the bus drivers know her. She sits here just like a person does. She makes everybody happy. How could you not love this face?” gushed fellow bus rider, Tiona Rainwater.

King County Dept. of Transportation

Now, Eclipse rides the bus with a pass attached to her collar, so that drivers know that even she’s not getting a free ride.

Her Facebook profile states that she was born in rural Washington, but moved to the big city when she was just six months old. Now five, she enjoys the city life and hanging out with people. She is also described as incredibly gentle and would never deign to hurt a person. Instead, she rides next to them just like any other commuter, and is always ready to spend some quality time at the dog park, with or without her human.


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