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Barack Obama Shows Up For Jury Duty and People are Shook

Image by Mitch Dudek

Apparently, not even being a former president can get you out of jury duty. Barack Obama recently showed up at the Daley Center in Chicago to do his civic duty. The horribly boring task all Americans are expected to attend suddenly became a whole lot more exciting for those who had been stuck in the endless cycle of waiting.

A video of Obama entering the center went viral just days after he took his turn to serve with his fellow Americans, clocking in at just over 10 million views at the time of writing this article.

Although pictures usually aren’t allowed in official government buildings, it seems guards looked the other way as almost everyone who saw the former president whipped their phones out and documented it on social media.

Obama reporting for jury duty… I’m here

Posted by Thomas Pearson on Wednesday, November 8, 2017


Most of them expressed how much they missed him as president and wished he would come back and lead American again.

Obama wore his “Juror” sticker with pride as he waved to onlookers waiting for their turn to be questioned. It appeared that he was surrounded by an entourage of body guards and “his people,” but that doesn’t mean because of who he is, he gets out of jury duty like anyone else.

What is typically an incredibly boring day for those doing their civic duty turned out to be more exciting than they could have imagined. In fact, people were actually jealous of their friends and family members who were serving jury duty that day, something most people definitely are not typically jealous of.

It is unclear whether or not Obama was actually selected to serve on a jury, but it is pretty unlikely depending on the case. It might be possible that his presence alone would cause too much of a diversion for anyone to concentrate on the matter at hand if he were to be part of a jury of someone’s peers (and is he really anyone’s peer, aside from other world leaders?). But hey, this proves he still has to do his duty as a citizen, just like everyone else!



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