Smart Way MORE Subscribers On A New YouTube Channel

As a marketer, you wish you had a ton of subscribers on our youtube account. In this post, we will discuss some quick ways in which you can hit that goal on a fairly new account.


We are not talking about the fake or paid followers, It’s all about genuine and active users. We will even share with you some YouTubers who have actually done it and are getting results that you won’t believe are possible.


We all know how hard it is to gain subscriber especially when you have a new channel on youtube. People do all kind of crazy stuff for that, they bombard their social media accounts and practically have to beg everyone around to subscribe.


No doubt you have to put in a lot of effort but there are some YouTubers who are using a smart approach to exponentially grow their subscribers count in less time.


Example one

Channel Name: Desi Nuskhe

Subscribers:  450,000+

Duration: 6 months

Number of videos: 72


You can see how this channel has gained over 450,000 subscribers in such a short duration of 6 months with the help of only 72 videos. It’s a dream of any YouTuber to have such statistics.

Example two

Channel Name: Desi Totke

Subscribers:  125,000 +

Duration: 4 months

Number of videos: 100


Again an off topic channel but the growth rate is really amazing, however, they have uploaded more videos compared to our previous example. We have never seen someone gain such a huge growth in a short period, so we thought of exploring these channels and find out the strategies they have used to experience such massive success.


The most surprising thing we noticed was that there was nothing special with these channels. They have focused on a certain niche rather than picking up a widely common topic. We’re not advising you to pick the same topics, our key idea is to show you how these people have succeeded. There are many similar youtube channels using this approach of targeting an untapped niche and resulting in huge subscribers in a short duration.


If you notice, most YouTubers are making videos on technology topics, music, dancing etc and the competition are so much that they can’t get the handful of subscribers even after having quality in their content.


Yes, it is true that we need to take a niche which we are good at but practically you should look for something which has low competition and has a fair amount of demand in the community. There are tons of videos people have made on various topics but the only way to success in youtube for a new person is to pick a topic not explored by many people.


You can see from the above examples that the videos are not of a very high quality but yet these people have nailed the niche with average quality videos just because there’s less competition.


If you have any suggestion about the niches which are untapped please share with us in the comment section below.
We will also be diving deeper into SHOUTOUTS to grow channels in the next posts 🙂

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