4 Reason Why Some YouTubers Fail to Make Money

A countless number of people join Youtube every day with a hope of running a successful channel. Although the truth is that very few of them are actually able to achieve that goal.

In today’s world, almost every business requires you to invest a certain amount of money but Youtube gives everyone a chance to make money without putting in any investment. (other than time)

One can literally earn a good living merely by running a youtube channel, as it rewards you for your talent, hard work, and patience.

However, the harsh truth is that most of the people who join youtube with the hope of making a living usually leave disappointed and never even get a chance to see their first paycheck.

Only a handful number of people are able to make a living and take home a decent amount of money every month.

Let’s understand the reasons why some are successful while others leave feeling disappointed. It is important to note that we are not counting people who join youtube out of passion. This is purely for people who are on Youtube to make a living.

People give up too soon

There are some people who expect to get results in just one or two months of setting up their account. We are not saying that it is impossible but it si very rare. Almost 95% of the YouTubers will take 6 months to one year before they can see their first payment.

Expecting the results as soon as 2 months would be disappointing and it would be wise to rather spend that time somewhere else. If you can’t afford to wait for that long then you should keep it as a ┬ápart-time activity while you already have another source of income. This is how almost all YouTubers start.


Lack of focus on content

There are so many people who really work hard on building their youtube channel but they lack smartness in their work. By being smart we don’t mean you have to manipulate things or cheat anyone.

Greater focus should be on improving the quality of your videos. You just need to spend a little more time on analyzing your content and understanding your viewers likes and dislikes.

A good video is something which influences users to hit the subscribe button immediately after watching it.

Hit by policy

It is common to see people who are working hard to build their channel getting hit by Youtube’s Policies and either they are banned completely or there monetization is affected severely.

Usually, people get depressed and quit, as working all the way from scratch again can really prove to be frustrating to many people.

Always follow Youtube’s guidelines regarding Privacy policy, content, copyright etc. It might take time to succeed but it’s always better to stay away from things like fake views, fake subscribers or violating copyright laws.

Not regular

The fourth way that prevents creators from earning money is being too irregular. Uploading videos regularly help in improving the SEO of your channel and give you a wider reach for a variety of keywords.

Uploading videos regularly helps with improving the SEO of your channel and will give you a wider reach for a variety of keywords.

You also need to focus on doing a basic SEO of your videos, Like optimizing the title and description for search keywords. If some of your old videos is not performing well you can try tweaking the title and description to reap the most worth out of it.


STICK WITH IT. Stay motivated.

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