9 Ways To Increase Your YouTube Channel


More than 300 hours of videos are uploaded to youtube every minute. Some videos get popular while others have a hard time grabbing enough views and they fade away due to extraordinary competition.


Therefore it is really important for any YouTuber to learn some techniques for increasing the reach of his youtube channel.

1. Craft an excellent title

The title of your channel would be the first thing people will notice. It will also be responsible for your appearance in youtube search. Make sure you keep the title short, descriptive and if possible try to include your keywords.

2. Have relevant thumbnail

Next thing someone will notice is the thumbnail, It might not help in appearing on search but once you appear it will then help you increase the click through rate. People often judge a channel or its videos but the thumbnail.

3. Optimize your channel

Work on optimizing your channel by using relevant colors, Logo, Cover banner etc. Even adding links to your various social media accounts will benefit your brand. Just try to have a similar theme all over your social media platforms to maintain brands consistency.

4. Do SEO for your video

Spend time doing SEO for your videos, as you already know youtube is the second largest search engine after google. Optimizing videos is not a hard task, it just requires a little extra attention.


Include a keyword in the title tag and make it relevant as well as descriptive and don’t forget to write a detailed description for your videos. It is one of the importance things that will define your visibility in search.


The length of your videos, number of likes/ dislikes and comments also helps in ranking.

5. Stay active in community

It’s a good idea to find youtubers from the same niche as your and rather than thinking of them as a competitor it’s better to collaborate with them, be open for a guest appearance. And actively participate with the community by sharing or liking and commenting their videos.

6. Create a playlist

Creating playlist is often a good idea to increase your channels reach for an even wide variety of keywords. It also improves in increase watch time as the next video will start once the current one ends.

7. Interact with audience

If you want to build a vibrant community within your channel it is really advisable to give attention to the comments you receive. Try to reply everyone if possible (unless it’s a troll).

It is also a great source to find the topic for your next video, some people even encourage users to ask questions on comments and take is as an inspiration for their next topic.

8. Include a call to action

Like in any marketing material you need to include a call to action in your videos as well. Clearly, give a next best step for your users to  further interact with you. A call to action can be as simple as asking them to subscribe to the channel or sign up for the mailing list. You can even give them a free trial of your service if you generally offer one or offer them a free quote.

9. Cross-channel marketing

People who are most likely to subscribe to your channel would be your followers in other social media sites. Treat them as a low hanging fruit and ask them to subscribe your channel on youtube as well.
We believe this will help you increase your youtube channels list and grab more subscribers over the time. Feel free to share your views on comments.

Written by Blanket Media

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