9 Interesting Facts About YouTube

Youtube is the most popular video sharing websites of all time. Since it’s the first launch it has achieved countless milestones. Here are remarkable facts about YouTube which are surely going to amaze you.

1. 500 Hours Of Video uploaded Per Minute

Over 500 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube every minute, as a result youtube has an enormous collection of videos on almost any topic you can imagine. There is no other video sharing website on the web which comes even close to this landmark.

2. Over one billion users

The current active user base of YouTube is over 1 Billion, or you can even say that one-third of the total Internet population is on this platform. It can also be concluded that its user base is widely diverse in terms of culture geography and interests. There are only handful of companies on the web who are able to grab a userbase this big.

3. Mobile devices account for 50% of total views

More than half of YouTube users are watching videos on their smartphone devices. So a YouTuber should always make sure that his videos are compatible with mobile devices as well. Accordingly, if you are using any kind of screen recording, where the text is small, make sure it is visible clearly on the mobile device.

4. Reaches more people than any cable network

The number of people you can reach via youtube is way more than any individual cable network operating currently. Therefore it is quite a profitable platform for any marketer, And everyone is trying to make the most out of it.

5. Only one-fifth of users are from the United States

The user base of YouTube is widely diverse, Over 80% of the total views comes from outside the US. Hence it is clearly proven that it can help you target not only the US but most of the geographic locations as well.

6. It follows a 30-99 rule

The top 30% of the total videos account for 99% of total views. This could be because many people are simply using its platform to share videos with friends and family. Also when a video performing well it is promoted in a user’s feed, it can accumulate even more views.

7. Second largest search engine

Over the time youtube has become the second largest search engine on the web after Google. With the increase in data speed around the world, people usually prefer watching videos rather than reading the text in most cases. And with such a huge database of videos, they quite often find the relevant videos related to their query.

8. Impact on social platforms

Many of youtube videos are shared on Facebook and receive tons of news from it. It is even estimated that over 150 years worth of youtube videos or watch on Facebook Every day.

However, Facebook still has a bigger user base compared to YouTube, but youtube totally rules the video sharing market. Similarly, there are a tremendous amount of tweets on twitter which redirect users to a youtube video.


9. Strong engagement

According to the statistics and average YouTube user will access the website 14 times in a month which is really considered as strong engagement.  some statistics also state that the average time spent by a user on YouTube is about 40 minutes which is again a big milestone.


These were some of the facts about youtube which totally proves its leadership position not only among the video sharing website but the overall web. If you have something more to add please feel free to comment.


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