Influencer Marketing on Instagram – A Brief Introduction

Influencer marketing is one of the latest trends every marketer wants to get in on. It is simply a form of word of mouth marketing which has evolved rapidly alongside the technological growth we have seen in social media platforms. Luckily Blanket Media is at the front lines working with top brands!


Instagram is being considered the top channel for influencer marketing and it is very important for any marketer to understand the process to follow in order to find the perfect Instagram Influencer for their brand.


What is influencer marketing?

Before we start with influencer marketing, we need to understand who these influencers are. They are generally people with an audience from a certain niche in social media. The key is to find someone with the audience relevant to your niche and then reach that audience with their help.


An influencer doesn’t necessarily need to be a celebrity, they could be a  fitness trainer giving exercise tips via their social channel or a music teacher giving violin lessons online.

How to find an influencer?


The first step of finding the right influencer for your brand is to check out Blanket Media (of course!).  Do a little more research to find out prices and how brands from a similar niche are using these Instagrammers for influencer marketing. 

Create a brief

After analyzing your competitors create a small brief of some traits or characteristic that you need to have in your influencers. Like their location, niche covered and the kind of audience that follows them.


Select the relevant influencer

Once you are done with your brief. it’s time to finally start your search. You can do it by searching Instagram for #AD or you can use several free and paid tools available online.

Other than Blanket Media, some other popular tools are Famebit, BuzzSumo, and Klout. These tools can help you reach the right influencer depending on their target location, audience, and other filters.


Agree on terms

After you find the most suitable influencer for your brand,  you need to discuss the payment and deliverables with them. Some of the common  topics that need your attention are:


  1. Payment

While some of the smaller influencers are happy marketing products in exchange for free goods, the more experienced influencers will require an upfront fee. Decide on the amount to be paid and the mode of payment.

Good rule of thumb for influencer rates:
25,000 subscribers on YouTube is $50 per video
25,000 subscribers on Instagram is $25 per post
25,000 likes on a Facebook page is $15 per post

  1. Usage rights

You also need to agree on the usage rights of the content which the influences would be creating for your brand.  Sometimes you might want to use that content on your other marketing platforms as well, which needs to be discussed before you start.


  1. Non-competing clause

Sometimes you might want them to promote your product exclusively and you do not want them to get into any contract with competing brands. In such cases, a non-competing clause needs to be mentioned beforehand.


  1. Consider local laws

Be sure to tell influencers to include the tags  #ad  #sp or #promoted in their post. Using such tags will decrease engagement but protect you from any issues in the future.

Nevertheless, if you find this task daunting then you can always work with Blanket Media! We take a new approach


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