Best Co-working Spaces for Startups

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Best Co-working Spaces for Startups

I’ve been to many coworking spaces in dozens of metro cities and there is a clear distinction between good and bad. Just because they have a ping pong table in the center of the space doesn’t make it worth the rent.

Averaging around $400 a desk in most of the major hubs like NYC and SF, It is important to choose wisely.

Over the past two to three years it has become very obvious that WeWork now has the best locations in most tech cities. I strongly suggest checking them out first when relocating your team.

WeWork not only has nailed their multi-million dollar locations, but their perk partnerships and events. They have a ton to offer tenants for the small price of a desk.

This list is made up of 8 cities in the US and their top coworking spaces.

San Francisco


New York



Los Angeles



As I mentioned WeWork has found its way into each hub.

I’ve been through many of the smaller coworking spaces and love the environment and feel, but WeWork tops the charts. When you are starting up or booking meetings 24/7/365 you should consider a big space with conference room scheduling.

Many smaller spaces have skipped the 24-hour availability aspect, which is a deathwish for startups.

Price is a big factor in choosing a coworking space for many entrepreneurs and freelancer, however environment to get work done should be a bigger requirement. Make sure the space meets your “quiet requirement” so you actually get work done.

That should be common sense but many people are blinded by the excitement of a ping pong table.

Enjoy the hunt for spaces.

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