20 Startups Founded in France

20 Startups Founded in France

I put together a list of 20 of my favourite apps and startups founded in France. These range from small two person teams to BlaBlaCar’s $100M round of funding in July 2014.

I intentionally left out descriptions of the problem these startups are solving so you go to their site and support them. Every site visit matters for small teams.

  1. Mention
  2. EmailHunter
  3. Algolia
  4. Flat
  5. Infinit
  6. NightNight
  7. Meet by Sunrise
  8. Freshest
  9. Bubble
  10. Sounds
  11. BlaBlaCar
  12. Keecker
  13. Captain
  14. Gorgias
  15. Pleek
  16. SlackStack
  17. Batch
  18. Front
  19. Plume Labs
  20. Kimd

My personal favourite is Bubble. I’ve used their visual programming in the past and have referred dozens of non-technicalĀ founders to their product.

There is a strong tech scene in France. In fact, two months ago I became a mentor at NUMA a Paris-based startup accelerator coming to the Bay Area.

Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 1.16.50 PM

NUMA is doing great things for entrepreneurs worldwide andĀ I’m excited to help startups in Bengaluru, Moscow, Casablanca, and Paris.


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