How to Nail SEO with Customer Reviews

How to Nail SEO with Customer Reviews

Search engine optimization is a startup’s best friend. If you start working towards getting ranked on search early, you can develop enough of a foundation for organic growth in roughly 8 to 24 months.

Starting to blog from day 1 and continuing for a year will give you organic inbound leads just in time for your next round of fundraising (if that’s your business) It is possible, and there are ways to speed the process up.

One way to speed through to SEO greatness is customer reviews.

This works for SaaS companies in a HUGE way.  You can exchange your monthly fee for content. Your users are paying monthly for your product and any user that enjoys what you’re offering would love a free month or two.

I tell startups with engineering-heavy teams to trade their monthly subscription in exchange for content from users. If a user loves your product or service they ARE willing to exchange small tasks for a discount.

The biggest win you can have for long-term SEO is dynamic and rich content rankings on search engines.

If a power user does a YouTube review of your product or service, you WILL beat most of the competition in SEO for the cost of a few free months (depending on the cost of your service)

Everyone loves videos and having your users do the reviews creates a “jones effect.” Users like doing things that other users are doing.

Promote the user reviews on social to trigger more sign ups and push for users to do reviews. If your product is on the expensive side, provide a discount instead of free and test with different channels.

Users enjoy free everything. I will do a video review for free services and I don’t know many people in the tech community that wouldn’t for a product they are passionate about. A 2-minute clip could help the product you enjoy grow exponentially. So why not?

I would NOT recommend offering this to the entire user base. It can come across negatively if everyone is involved. Identify your power users and give them a pat on the back for loving your product and sharing their opinion.

Have fun identifying and pushing for dynamic customer reviews!

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