The Importance of Word Notebooks

The Importance of Word Notebooks

Word Notebooks have been flooding the streets of the mission district here in San Francisco and I fully support any product that promotes handwritten notes.

To share the story behind Word and to create a cult following, they include a leaflet in each packet of 3 notebooks explaining why they started it and the vision.

word story

Mixing style and functional use, they’ve created a strong brand from tiny 48-page notebooks.

I bought my first 3 pack of mini Word Notebooks earlier this year from a trinket shop off Valencia street and I use them daily.

3 pack books

They’ve developed a unique “bullet point system” that lets you organize your tasks efficiently.

“Simply fill in the bullet point when writing an item on that line. Trace the circle around it when it’s important and add a slash when you’ve started work on it. Once the task is complete, simply mark down an “X” and move on to the next item on your list. It’s an easy way to keep track of all your notes.”


via the Word Notebook website

On the back of each story leaflet they include in their 3 packs they have a list of  what Word Notebooks are perfect for which brings out the playfulness behind their brand:

word uses

My personal favorite is the crossed out “beers you need” use. 

To jump into the deeper importance of Word Notebooks, handcrafting things is healthy for the brain. Whether it’s a wooden toolbox or a to-do list, it matters. The insane portion of our day we spend typing is essentially diluting our handwriting abilities. *stops typing*

Regardless of how you look at handwriting vs. typing, both have their long-term advantages and disadvantages. Word Notebooks has helped me remind myself how important it is to jump out of Asana from time to time and take a PHYSICAL note.

When I’m in a meeting and I pull out a tiny notebook from my back pocket people always say; “That’s awesome, where’d you find that thing!?” They’re so used to taking notes on their computers when you take out a stylish notebook it triggers a sense of innovation almost. Note taking on paper is considered “old school,” which is why Word bringing these into style is perfect for the coming generations.

I’ve heard horror stories about children not knowing how to handwrite because typing is the way the world is shifting. Maybe handwriting will dissipate completely and future  generations will not know/care to physically take notes, BUT with Word Notebooks making notetaking cool again, handwriting has a fighting chance.

I plan on shocking people with my stylish notebooks and continuing to take physical notes with the Word Notebooks system.

In summary, with a playful brand and their recent “dot grid” design, Word Notebooks is taking the world by storm. One note at a time.

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