The Art of Meeting People

The Art of Meeting People

The term networking is dead.

When you’re going to events and talking to people, do not refer to it as networking. It is important to refer to this as “meeting people.” I learned this the hard way when I moved to San Francisco.

Networking: the exchange of information or services among individuals, groups, or institutions; specifically: the cultivation of productive relationships for employment or business. This is often referred to as “hard” or “pushy” by many of the people I asked about the term.

Meeting people: Relates to friendly “soft” conversations, and social settings outside of a professional setting.

When I tested my responses with various people I was meeting, I found when I gave the answer “networking”, it yielded extremely negative results, extremely quickly.

Everyone was against the term; it was considered by everyone I met to be an old formal term that implies you’re only meeting people for business; that you have an ask.

The mentality behind San Francisco is, “generate value for the community or get out.” This can be applied to all communities. Always give more than you take.

Terminology is key in entrepreneurship. It is essentially a vetting process for everyone you meet. So adapt, and overcome.

As an entrepreneur starting a company, all you have is your network. If you are not expanding your network constantly, you’re not considered an entrepreneur. It’s simple as that.

Always Be Meeting (ABM) Attend Meetup’s in your area. Even if the subject matter vaguely relates to what you are doing. It is more important to meet people in the area.

In business, take a favor over money, in every situation. Favors equal leverage.

All you have is your network. Nurture it.

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