Data Behind A Successful ProductHunt Launch

Data Behind A Successful ProductHunt Launch

I posted a product called Hacksaw Academy to Product Hunt back in April of 2015. It was a wildly successful launch and the founders shared the data behind the launch.

This is the post from the Hacksaw Medium account:

Hacksaw Academy is being designed to help non-technical people learn to design, develop, and deploy useful apps online. There are some amazing courses online that help teach you HTML, CSS, Python, and Javascript.

Hacksaw Academy is the first to focus on helping people deploy and host their work on the web, for everyone to see and utilize.

The launch story from the Hacksaw team:

The Hacksaw Academy team wanted to show screenshots of the Google Analytics from April 29th (the PH launch) through the 30th.

After the hunter @stvmcg posted our launch, we quickly added “Glasshole Kitty” to the bottom right-hand corner of our homepage, letting hunters know that if they tweeted us, they would receive this summer’s “Starter Course” for free.

The Producthunt community responded… Big time.

We received a little over 90 up votes in the first 12 hours becoming the #9 product for the day.

When we woke up the next morning, the post had 130 up votes, bumping us up to the #7 product, and the traffic stayed strong throughout the day.

Overall in the first week we’ve received 145 upvotes. We consider this a success.

Total over the first week

The numbers:

We received 2,900 unique visitors on April 29th (day of PH launch)

April 29th Analytics

Followed by 1,700 unique visitors on April 30th

April 30th Analytics

The sharing:

In addition by incentivizing users to Tweet for a free course, we received over 250 tweets from new users signing up, driving an additional 272 people to

In other words for every tweet we brought someone from twitter onto the homepage.

Since our launch, we’ve been receiving an average of 15 tweets a day.

In our first 72 hours we received a whopping 400 signups from eager students!

The newsletter:

After sending our first newsletter to users on Friday apologizing for any future delays, we received an incredible 68% open rate with a 4.7% click through.

First newsletter stats

These amazing numbers have driven our team to work as hard as possible to create something truly special for our users.

The surprise:

SO, after having an overwhelming amount of requests from newly enrolled users for screenshots, and in the spirit of giving hunters first dibs, meow we present the FIRST look into Hacksaw Academy’s Starter Course:

Hacksaw Academy Version 1:

Hacksaw Academy V1

On the left we users HTML, CSS, and JS code, with the instructions and preview on the right.

We will be keeping all Hacksaw users up to date as we continue to build and launch the Starter Course this summer!

More exciting updates coming soon,
Team @HacksawAcademy

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